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Wormax Io

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unnamedWormax Io – an awesome multiplayer game which is very similar to the slither game. This game is about snake. At the beginning of the game you have to register a free account to save your gaming process or play as a guest. You control a small snake. The main mission of the player is to make it bigger. It can be easily done by eating food. In Wormax Io game you must make your worm as long as you can. Avoid hitting other players. There are some options available for the advanced players. For example, you can use temporary boosting skill to avoid hitting other worms. You can also change the skins in the game, so your worm will look more unique.

Wormax Io Busters And Skills
Acceleration – the main skill of your warm. It must be used to increase the speed of movement.
Stop – As soon as your worm becomes big, you can use this skill to stop the movement of your wanm for 5 seconds.
Ghost – Using this skill, you can make your worm transparent and overlap other players without dying. As soon as your worm reach length of 500, press E button to activate it.
Toxicity – makes your worm toxic for one minute. It will become green.
Magnet Food – collection radius is increased by 20%.
Spyglass – viewing distance increase.

There Are a lot of other options in the Wormax Io game that you will discover on your own. Hope that you will have great time playing it at out website.